“The life I touch for good or ill will touches another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.”
~Hippie Peace Freaks

About Creatively Zen

It has been my belief for a number of years now that our Inner Child is our Spirit, our Higher Self, that part of us that is pure and innately part of Source.
Then, life happens, and, often, we’re told to “leave behind childish things”, but it is through those things that we’re able to maintain a solid connection with our Inner Child, our Inner Expert on Fun and all that gives life its vibrancy. When we lose touch with them, life truly becomes dull and lifeless, and so do we!

What do you do through Creatively Zen?

As an Inner Child Guide and the Head Playologist here at Creatively Zen, I assist my clients to connect with and heal their Inner Child. At the same time, I re-teach them how to play and tap into their own unique form of creativity. There is healing power in these activities. We have just lost touch with that fact.

How do you assist your clients in achieving these goals?

I offer the following services, some of which are available to those who do not choose to work directly with me but who frequent the Creatively Zen spaces online (ie website, Facebook Page, etc):
Coaching (Individual & Couples)
Playshops (Traditionally, known as “workshops”, but we PLAY!)
Courses (Online and Off)
Speaking Engagements (Traditional and Interactive)
Monthly (Local) Opportunities for Group Play
Weekly Blog Posts

What tools or modalities do you utilize?

Energetic Healing
Intuitive Abilities
Creative Projects

About Dawna

Dawna is an energy healer, intuitive, writer, creative, Inner Child Guide, and the Head Playologist here at Creatively Zen, who believes:
“Spirituality doesn’t have to be dull, lifeless, or ‘proper’. When we’re connected, truly connected on a deep level, life is fun and (quite literally) lighthearted.”
For a more in-depth, personal look into who she is and a bit of insight on her own Journey, please feel free to visit A Seraph’s Quill.

Who is “Donita”?


This is Donita. Actually, it’s a picture of the little girl I used to be.
When I was probably that age or younger, one of my uncles, who was and still is near and dear to my heart, gave me the nickname “Donita”. It means “Little Lady” in Spanish.
He’s gone from this plane now, but in his honor, I’m using “Donita” for the personification of my own Inner Little Girl.
So, if you happen to see mention of her… Well, it’s just an instance where I’m practicing what I preach.