“The quest for recovering and healing our inner child
is identical with our quest for more aliveness, more joy
of life and more creativity.”

~Dr Peter Fritz Walter

Play is SO important

When we are children, play is an important part of our lives, in the development of a healthy brain. Through play, we learn about the world and our place in it while developing our “imagination, dexterity and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength”. 1
Once we become adults, though, we’re encouraged to “give up childish things”. In an effort to be viewed as being “responsible”, many of us seemingly turn our backs on our Inner Child. What we fail to realize is that play is still a very important part of our well-being.

The Health Benefits of Play

Play is known to have the following benefits in adults:
Relieves stress
Improves brain function
Stimulates the mind and boosts creativity
Improves relationships and one’s connection to others
Keeps one feeling young and energetic

HOW to Play

“Playing” is different for everyone. There’s no one “right” way to play.
Here at Creatively Zen, we have particular fondness for creative endeavors (coloring, finger painting, playing with clay, painting pottery, etc). But, we also recognize that those things are not for everyone.

Games are a good source of play, whether it is by one’s self or with others.
Puzzles are another.
Many people find joy in playing or watching sports.
Dancing is fun and a good form of healthy activity.
Truly, if one finds joy in an activity, if it is relaxing to her, that is all that matters.

Creative Play

“I could never do that. I don’t have a creative bone in my body. I can’t even draw a stick figure.”
When the word “creativity” is mentioned, most people think of “being an artist”. What they don’t realize is the fact that “being creative” is so much more.
Creativity is not what we do. It is who and what we are.
Creativity can be as simple as solving a problem or as elaborate as painting the Sistine Chapel. It can be expressed in many different forms, of which most people don’t stop to take into consideration.
Cooking a nice meal for one’s family can be considered “creative”. After all, the meal didn’t create itself out of thin air, right?
Creativity IS our birthright!
Still need some convincing? Just can’t believe that you are creative?
Okay. What if I told you that within you lives an expert on creativity, play, and all things fun?
That part of you that has been labeled your “Inner Child” is all these things and MORE.
With her/his assistance, you can create and live the happy, healthy life you may have only dreamed possible up to this point.
She* would be ALL too happy to show you the way.
All you have to do is ask!

My Role In This

So, you may be thinking to yourself, “if this kid is so ‘all knowing’, what the heck do I need you for?”
In truth, you may not.
If you can find your way to her and gain her assistance in your journey on your own, you don’t need me in the least. In which case, I wish you all the best!
But, if you haven’t been able to find your way there yet, I can help!
Think of me as something of a way-shower, a guide that can assist you to connect and communicate with your Inner Child for the purpose of healing your self and your life.

Let’s Go!

Whether you’re ready to get started or would like to get to know your guide (me) a little bit better, there’s something for everyone here.
*Please note: I use single gender (feminine) pronouns for ease of reading. This work, however, is not restricted to only women, nor is my offered assistance.
1 The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds, The American Academy of Pediatrics